Building Regulation changes - make sure you’re up to date!

Important new changes have come into force that will now impact new homes and some extensions & renovations. The aim of the changes are to improve the energy efficiency of buildings by reducing energy use and carbon emissions. The old rules may still apply to certain projects depending on how far along in the planning process you are. Let’s see what the changes are and who it effects…

What are the changes?

Part L (Conservation of Fuel and Power). There is an upgrade to the insulation requirements for new homes which will be assessed under a Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) calculation. These are called U-Values. Onsite audits by self-builders, along with photographic evidence will need to be provided as evidence that the U-Values are compliant. 

If you are replacing any thermal elements of your home such as windows or doors you’ll need to also hit the new fabric efficiency standards or U-Values! The amount of glazing is also important as this affects the flow temperatures of your house. 

Part F (Ventilation). Essentially when your renovation or extension work is completed the ventilation cannot be made any worse. It is recommended for all replacement windows to have trickle vents (unless your whole house has a Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery system), or that your new works don’t make the house any worse than before. 


Part O (Overheating). This regulation limits excess solar gain and thus removing heat! There is also a new standard for the amount of glazing allowed in a single room.

Part S (Electrical Vehicle Charging). Future-proofing your home to include the installation of a charging point for electrical vehicles. 

Are these new regulations now in effect?

Yes. However a grace period will take effect until 2023 for projects where planning permission was sought before 15 June 2022. For new projects that gained planning permission under the old Building Regulations, work must have begun by 15 June 2023 or the new regulations will apply.

Our Method Studio team is well versed in these new and changed Building Regulations. If you want to read further information on these changes please see this LINK. If you have any questions please get in touch with one of our team today to speak through your project. Whether it’s new or existing we are here to help!