The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive is coming to a close

What is this scheme?

The RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) Scheme is a government incentivised scheme that helps make your installation costs for renewable heat sources cheaper - thus helping us move away from fossil fuel heating sources. This scheme is closing to any new applicants from March 31st 2022.

What happens if I’m already in the scheme?

If you are already in the scheme you will continue to receive payments as usual until your seven-year membership ends. You may still be able to replace or repair your installation after the scheme closes and you may still be required to fit metering. If you are moving property that has a renewable heating system already accredited to the RHI scheme and you wish to take over the payments, you can notify OFGEM who run the scheme to request this.

Moving forward there are many ways to control the heating or cooling in your home. Whether through mechanical means or passive systems, your heating and cooling system can be integrated into your home efficiently. The government is incentivising a new cost reduction for solar panels or heat pumps, there is no VAT cost for the next 5 years starting April 2022!

At Method Studio Architects we consider your home as a whole when recommending which system will work best for you. Factors such as insulation, amount of glazing and its location, property size, air leaks, construction type etc. are all important considerations our experienced team takes into account.

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