How long does a Project take?

From talking to your architect to moving into your dream home; how long does it really take? Although there can be unplanned circumstances, we can give you a guide of how long a project would generally take. The timeframe shown will use an abstract 4-5 bedroom house as an example. 

Key Architectural Design Timeline Considerations:

  1. STAGE ONE: Intro and Survey Information - 12-15 weeks.

    The initial consultation and site meeting to discuss your project’s requirements and priorities is all encompassed in STAGE ONE: Intro and Survey Information. We will do a full site survey which typically takes 2 hours. Depending on our resourcing and work schedule we usually produce a design for you within 2-3 weeks.

    - Key considerations on site to review are drainage locations, meter boxes, boundary locations, rights to light, build over agreements etc.

    - With our concept sitting with you, it will take 1-2 weeks for you to return any comments, to have a design meeting in our office, and come to the best design for you; ready to submit for Planning.

    - Following our discussions, we will prepare the application and submit it to the Local Planning Authority upon your approval. This can take 1-2 weeks.

    - Once submitted to the local Planning Authority, it takes about 8 weeks to consider a Planning Application. Overall it will take 12-15 weeks before you will have a planning decision (excluding any unplanned circumstances).

    - Key considerations that may extend this process is whether your site is in a historic or conservation area.

  2. STAGE TWO: Building Control and Structural Coordination - 10-15 weeks.

    Once you have received a planning decision, we are able to proceed to the next stage - STAGE TWO: Building Control and Structural Coordination. This is when we focus on the details, adhering to Building Regulations and coordinating the structural parts of the design. Once appointed, the Structural Engineer will take a few weeks to prepare their documents, and the Building Control Body will take several weeks to prepare their warranty package.

    - Once we have coordinated with the above consultants and any further specialists that we may need for your project, we submit the Building Regulation detailed drawings for approval. This may take a few more weeks for confirmation. Overall, the process could take 10-15 weeks for the Detailed Design stage.

  3. STAGE THREE - Specification and Quotation Process - 8-12 weeks.

    This STAGE THREE - Specification and Quotation Process stage involves gathering detailed information together for your project such as finishes, fittings, and building materials. This document along with the STAGE 2 Building Regulations drawings will be used for production of your Tender Documents. We allow 4 weeks for this, which involves a meeting to speak over any details like lighting, sockets, flooring materials etc. that you wish the contractor to include in their quotation prices.

    - When these documents are ready, we compile a list of Contractors and send the documents for pricing. They usually take 4-6 weeks to return their prices. Once engaged and the contract is agreed upon, the contractors are able to begin on site. Sometimes this can take a couple weeks.

  4. STAGE FOUR - Contract Administration and Site Support

    In our experience the construction of a house can take 8-14 months from initial discussions to completion. Method Studio can be engaged for STAGE FOUR - Contract Administration and Site Support to help administer the contract, visit site for meeting with both client and contractor and to assess site progress; offering support to both parties in order to achieve your dream build! Our administration duties include evaluating the works that have been undertaken to date, and ensuring that what you are paying to the contractor is fair. We can help to make the whole build easy and stress free!

    Roughly 14+ months from initial discussions to completion

    For more information or any questions about your project please get in touch with Method Studio Architects.