In-Out Driveway Design; how do I change my driveway?

Have you always wanted that smooth entry and exit to your house but have no idea how to sort out that curb? Let us help!

What do I need to do to apply for an in-out driveway?

You will usually need planning permission for a dropped kerb if:

  • your property leads onto a classified road (such as an A-road)

  • your parking area is surfaced with concrete or some types of tarmac, block paving or any other material which doesn't let water drain

  • the property is a flat, maisonette, commercial premises or a listed building

There are certain sizes and restrictions the Planners will require. For example, the location needs to be a minimum distance away from street lights, road signs or trees and the finish of your driveway needs to be a suitable surface for its location, so any loose material doesn’t spread across the road. 

How much does an application cost? And who can do the work?

A typical application costs about £120 (this may differ depending on your local area). If you decide to arrange for your own contractor to carry out the work, they need to be a Street Works accredited contractor. They will need to apply for an S171 licence to work on the highway. 

Our team at Method Studio is poised to answer your questions and take the stress out of your new driveway!