Planning Permission Explained

At Method Studio our aim throughout the planning process is to guide you every step of the way. Design is an interactive process which is why we engage the client throughout the concept stage to ensure we end up with a concept that works best with your project and more importantly you. Depending on the scale of your project, permitted development might be appropriate which means there’s no neighbourhood consultation as the proposed plans meet a set guide that the planning authority have set out.

Once you are happy with the concept we then create your planning drawings which are used to submit to your local planning authority. All drawings and information will be checked with you before submission to prevent any confusion. Once validated the neighbourhood consultation period begins which lasts four weeks. The planning drawings are then made public and can be viewed by your neighbours who can add comments expressing their opinions on your project. The planners can then use these comments to help inform their decision. Once this period is over we will liaise with the planners to see if we can get a decision earlier and see which way they think your application will go. This helps us to be prepared for the final decision and already have a plan if things don’t go the way we want. 

Once the planning permission has been approved we can then move full speed ahead with your project. If however, there are any minor changes that you want after planning they can be made as a minor amendment. Internal changes that don’t impact the exterior of your property can be made during stage 2 when we develop the building regulation drawings for your project.