What changes can I make to my listed building?

What are the rules if I want to alter my home and it’s a listed building?

Buildings are listed because they are special in some way. They are of historic or architectural interest which gives them reason to be conserved. As a general rule you are able to maintain your property using like for like materials without prior consent, e.g. careful repairs to a window or replacing internal kitchen appliances. 

If you have a desire to extend your listed building, remove a tree, or fix your dilapidated garage roof you will need a special consent to remove, alter or repair. It is important to have a design that is sympathetic to your listed building. The exterior materials usually aim to match the existing or are cleverly chosen to contrast in a modern design. The overall aim is to make the new design add value but not dominate the listed building. 

Maintaining the buildings heritage for the future is important to your local authority. Applying for a listed building consent can be a long process but ultimately the planners want you to enjoy your home. The team at Method Studio Architects are experienced with proposing sensitive and proactive solutions to your needs as well as the planners. We are here to help get the home you want and keep the stress out of upgrading!