What you need to know about Soakaways

What is a Soakaway?

A soakaway is a mesh box inside a pit which is filled with hardcore material. Waste water is piped to this pit and stored temporarily while it drains slowly into the surrounding soil. The soakaway was created as a solution to standing surface water, they reduce the risk of flooding and improves the stability of the ground! 

Does my project need a Soakaway?

If your project has the right area for a soakaway (in your back garden perhaps), and the soil type is right for percolation, then a soakaway must be implemented. The size of the soakaway is determined through calculating the roof area, and the rain fall in your area that would discharge into the soakaway. It is essential these are designed into your project as a solution to excess surface water. Our designers at Method Studio Architects are here to help determine if your project needs a soakaway and help you understand how these work! Or simply take care of the drainage for you.