Why choose Method Studio Architects?

Why choose us?

Our team are highly skilled, professionally trained and most importantly we are a friendly bunch who are eager to help turn your aspirations into reality! Right from the beginning of the process your project will have one of our talented team members assigned to your project. We talk you through the process step by step, answer your questions, and work closely with you to create your ideal design. 

What sets us apart from other architects?

At Method Studio we use 3D software to create a virtual reality experience. Using our headsets you can ‘virtually’ walk around your new home! This helps you understand how the light will enter spaces, see what the finishes will look like and experience how the proposed layout will work for your life. We work and design in a collaborative studio environment that covers the full breadth of stages your project goes through. Each step of the way we are able to assist and guide you so your project is stress free.

How does our process work?

We split the process into 4 easy to understand stages. These are explained on our website on our Process page. Our projects vary in scale from small to very large, our team can handle all sizes and types of projects - see our projects for examples. If you have ideas, photos or products you can assemble your dream project in MyStudio space. When you’re ready you can share this with us so we can use them. 

We also have a client log in page unique to your project, which means no more missing emails and all your drawings are in one place. You can even install this as an app on your smart phone or tablet for ease of viewing and sharing with friends and family. 

No matter what stage of your project you are in, get in touch with one of our designers today via our Contact page.