Why We Created Our New Website!

Architecture is an intersection of art, science, technology and humanity. The structures we live and work in profoundly affect our well-being and lifestyles. This is why we at Method Studio Architects believe that the homes we create should be designed around you, for you, and to be enjoyed by you.

The process of creating new spaces and homes can be a huge multi-disciplinary web of designers, engineers and contractors, to name just a few. It can seem daunting, confusing and stressful. Which is why we strive to simplify the process for our clients with a transparent process, guiding you from concept to reality.

An integral part of our smooth and efficient process is communication. And in a modern world that means a cacophony of phone calls, texts, emails and meetings sometimes making it hard to keep up with a fast moving project. We have strived to remove the endless email chains, lost attachments and missed calls with a new My Project platform to pull all the information of a clients project into one easy to use space.

Our Example Project shows you how we can deliver a project for you in our four simplified stages, you can find all of your important designs and documents in one place and watch your project unfold in front of you. Our new platform allows you to communicate and review your designs, without the painful email chains that can dominate your life. 

This new hub also helps you to keep track of key project milestones, meetings, important documents, invoices and contact information. Everything that is key to getting your project completed is on our new website.

Our website is also a key reflection on us and our team, so we have updated our look and feel to better represent us a young, vibrant architectural practice. We have showcased some of our favourite projects and details in case study projects to give you a better idea of how a project can play out and how our process is designed to be specific to you.

With the addition of our news section you can stay up to date on all things Method Studio related, and read up on elements of your project that you may want some extra information on.

We really have gone all out on our new website to create incredibly useful tools to push your project forward, guide your through the process and make your architectural project as enjoyable as it should be.