Winter is Here!

Government grant for heating.

Have you been thinking of upgrading your home's heating source? 

Householders will be offered subsidies or a one-off £5000 grant from April next year to help heat your home and reduce the UK's greenhouse gas emissions! The grant covers costs for an air sourced heat pump which promotes low carbon emissions and more efficient heating systems. The goal is that heat pumps will be no more expensive than traditional gas boilers. However, it’s important to know your heat pump will not keep your house warm alone. You will need to check and possibly upgrade your insulation to keep that heat in and that cold out. 

How do heat pumps work?

Heat pumps take available warmth from the air, ground or water and increase it to a temperature suitable for your home. This is different to gas and oil boilers as they heat up water which travels through pipes to your radiators in your home warming them up. Air Source heat pumps are more carbon neutral compared to gas and oil boilers, as these boilers release carbon into the atmosphere every time they boil the water to heat your home.

What is the next step?

Method Studio Architects can coordinate your heating strategy with your insulation and potentially give you further recommendations to ensure your home is warm and dry. We can liaise with a heat pump specialist who can apply to the energy regulator for the grant on your behalf. At home you can do a quick check yourself too; when its rainy and cold outside you can touch your walls, floors and ceiling to see what temperature they feel like. If the are cold and clammy its a sure sign you need to upgrade your insulation! Talk to our team today, we look forward to hearing from you!