Virtual Reality

Our state of the art process allows you to get hands-on with our designs from the get go.

We want our designs to be easy to understand and super simple to visualise. Which is why we are continually looking for the best way to involve our clients in the process using the latest technology.

During our Stage One concept work our clients are involved every step of the way. From our feasibility studies and design meetings all the way through to your very own 3D proposals you can explore how your project will look. We believe in empowering our clients during the early part of their project so that they can be guided to make key decisions for the best result.

We can go from a pencil sketch during a meeting to a carefully crafted virtual walk through of your proposal. You can see how your new space flows, get a real sense of the volume and even see how the light might fall in a specific location. We know from many good experiences how vital it is to really understand how a design will feel as you walk through your potential new home.

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