Draining rainwater from your property

What kind of drains are there for surface water?

Drains are underground pipes that take water away from your house. Most homes will have separate drains that take away rainwater and wastewater to either public sewers or soakaways.  

How do drains for surface water work?

Water collects from your hard surfaces like patios or landscape paving and drains towards a threshold drain. Surface water or ‘storm water’ can also accumulate in the ground and wiggle its way towards your building. An aqua drain buried underground can take this water away. If you are building below the water table then we make sure you have the correct provisions in place as a security against any water getting into the house. A sump pump located at the lowest level of your house sits waiting for any water to trickle in, if this happens it will pump it out. This water then drains to a soakaway in your back garden.

For more information please see this news article on soakaways. If a soakaway isn’t possible it will be confirmed by the council whether you can connect to your mains sewer, which will also be signed off by Building Control. 

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