Sustainable Architecture and Method Studio

Sustainability is a broad term that defines the reduction in environmental waste and the use of the earth's finite resources. These resources also include fossil fuels related to energy production, such as the gas supply for your home boiler. In simple terms, how can we manage the resources we have to sustain life on earth moving forward for the current and future generations? 

You might well ask though, “What do these global targets have to do with my proposed building project?” Well, the answer is not too complex and something that Method Studio are happy to take care of on your behalf. 

For many years now, Method Studio have been incorporating sustainable methods of construction in the standard design process. The government guidelines and regulations provide a framework of minimum standards for all sizes of construction projects, including extensions, alterations, conversions and new build dwellings. 

Here are just a few of the things that Method Studio implement in the design process, to provide sustainable buildings that meet your needs as a client as well as the regulatory approvals of your local authority (Planning and Building Regulations): 

  • BUILDING REGULATIONS - Current building regulations are always achieved, and often exceeded in our designs. This is especially true with regards to heat loss in a building, which is typically reduced by increased insulation levels and excellent airtightness. Preventing energy loss is one of the major contributions to being sustainable. We can source SAP, U-Value and other calculations that may be needed to achieve building regulation approvals for your project.

  • SMART DESIGN - The most common request that Method Studio receives is, that an existing dwelling no longer has enough space to meet the needs of the occupiers. The time tested and proven method is usually to incorporate an extension or reconfiguration to an existing dwelling to increase its useable floorspace. Sometimes a new dwelling may be required or even desired, but, if we can provide a solution to extend or alter your existing building assets we will be happy to advise you on your possible options.

  • DETAILED DESIGN - High levels of detailed design are incorporated into each project, to ensure the building or extension meets the test of time, and its expected long lifecycle. A reduction in the need for maintenance or replacement of buildings and their elements is a direct result of the thought put into the finer details during the initial design of your project.

  • BUILDING ORIENTATION - Utilising the power of natural resources such as the sun can achieve sustainable goals. Using solar power, PV panels, solar heating, or even natural solar gain through south facing windows and thermal storage.

  • RENEWABLES - Technology is always getting better. Method Studio is able to guide you through the complicated choices in this area, whether it is PV panels on your roof, solar water heating, geothermal systems, air source heat pumps, high efficiency boilers, wind power or anything else. We can also recommend contractors or manufacturers that can fulfil your renewable requirements.

  • MATERIAL CHOICE - Method Studio specify and design buildings using reputable manufacturers that provide clear evidence of the responsible sourcing and manufacturing processes of their products. Where possible these elements provide extended guarantees and lifespans, reducing the need for future maintenance, replacement impact and costs.

  • CLIENT SPECIFIC GOALS - Although Method Studio provide designs that meet and often naturally exceed government targets for sustainable construction and design, we are happy to discuss any specific items that a client may wish to integrate in their project.

  • STAFF TRAINING - As construction methods, materials, technology and products are ever changing, advancing from strength to strength, it is vital for the staff within Method Studio to keep up to date. CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is a means that staff training is continually being rolled out. We may enjoy manufacturer training about specific new technologies and construction materials or methods. Or, it may be seminars on new building and government regulations related to building design. Each session of CPD allows staff to learn current and future proofing trends in the industry.

If you wish to talk to Method Studio about your project including any additional sustainability targets or desires you might have, feel free to contact us for advice.